Christopher Mathey is a doctoral candidate in sociology and plans to graduate in 2021 from Texas A&M University, where he has served for several years on the Office of Disability Resources' Student Advisory Board. He also teaches part time at a community college in North Texas. He serves on the Alumni Advisory Board and on the Center for Neurodiversity Steering Committee at his alma mater, Landmark College, where he earned an AA. He received his  BA from Hobart College in English and Critical Social Studies with a minor in Education. He earned an MA in Sociology from the University of Houston Clear Lake. He recently presented research on academic ableism at the Southwestern Social Science Association.


Reclaiming Space in a Disablist Society: A Review of Alice Wong’s Disability Visibility

Christopher L-P Mathey

Nursing Clio, https://nursingclio.org/2021/03/02/reclaiming-disability-space-in-an-ableist-society-a-review-of-alice-wongs-disability-visibility/, 2021

Beyond the Mundane

Christopher Mathey

Divergents Magazine: Reflections on the neuro-divergent experience in a neuro-typical world, https://www.divergents-magazine.org/articles/beyond-the-mundane , 2020 Jan 30

Electronic Monitoring

Christopher Mathey

Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Malden: Wiley, 2014


Social Problems

Taught at Texas A&M Fall 2014, Collin College Fall 2019 & Spring 2020.

Contemporary Sociological Theory

Taught at Texas A&M University, Fall 2015


Taught at Texas A&M University, Fall 2017


Taught at Texas A&M University, Spring 2015 & Spring 2016 

Introduction to Sociology

Taught at Collin College, Summer 2020